Isuzu leads the industry in advanced diesel powerplants that meet strict emission standards while offering exceptional fuel economy. Environmentally responsible and cost-effective, the four clean diesels available for the N-Series also maximize productivity with their outstanding power and torque. Engines and transmissions are carefully matched to assure peak performance in a widerange of operating conditions. Isuzu is committed to reducing both the environmental impact of its diesels and your running costs.
N-Series Engine Lineup


4JJ1-TCS Diesel

The 4JJ1-TCS intercooled turbocharged engine was newly developed for all new ELF light duty trucks. In order to achieve fuel economy and cleaner exhaust emissions at a higher level, Isuzu developed this engine with its original cutting-edge technologies and created the world-class diesel with smaller displacement and super-turbocharging. In pursuit of compact, and light-weight engines with higher torque per displacement, various performance required for engines such as fuel efficiency, light weight and environmental friendliness were totally improved.
Main Specifications


Displacement: 2,999 rpm
Max Output: 110 kW(150 ps)@2,800 rpm
Max Torque: 375 N-m(38.2 kg-m)@1,600 rpm
Application: ELF light-duty trucks in Japan

4HK1-TC 5.2L Diesel

isuzu 4HK1-TC 5.2L Diesel Engine is an engine that incorporates the worldwide knowledge of Isuzu diesel engine technology. The 4H's excellent performance and quality are based on the many technological advantages the engine has over competing engines.

* Ladder frame for light weight, high rigidity, low noise, and low vibration
* Precision machined fit sleeve easier serviceability and better reliability and durability
* OHC, 4 valve layout for performance, low emissions, and good fuel economy
* Piston with cooling channel, nitrided crankshaft, and axial oil seal for durability and reliability
* High pressurized fuel injection and damper (viscous-rubber type) for low noise and low vibration
* Oil cooler with temperature regulator valve for fast warm-up
* Best in Class Engine Warranty, 3 YEARS UNLIMITED. There is no hour limitation with this engine warranty. Backed by a well trained dealer base that understands your business.


QOS II(Quick-on Start)
system gets you up
and running
in a few seconds

Cooling fan clutch

Fuel tank lock

Pre-air cleaner

Rear vertical air intake


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